Thermopacks is the original heat pack company.  The technology behind the first-ever Thermopacks products is the same technology used in every commercially-produced hand warmer and heat pack produced worldwide today. Thermopacks continues to be the only UK-based manufacturer of heat packs and cold packs, and one of only two manufacturers in Europe. 

The product range has been developed and added to over time. As well as hand warmers, cold packs and liquid filled incentives, we also manufacture conference, desktop, travel and point of sale product lines.  The team are happy to share their extensive experience to help develop creative and bespoke merchandise requirements.

Many members of the production team at Thermopacks have worked with the products since they were first launched over 30 years ago, and continue to be involved in the manufacturing process today – that’s dedication for you!

Promotional Distributors

British products that are made and printed from scratch. 

·         Print areas that are larger with multiple print positions at no extra cost

·         Choice of print processes

·         We never run out of stock

·         Choice of material colours

·         Spec change? No problem! 

Super lean lead times and no express charges. 

·         2-3 week lead time, an average of 9.39 working days.

·         We don’t charge you more for meeting a tight delivery date.  Give us the date and we’ll give you an answer. If the answers `yes’, it will be done and at no extra cost.

·         Never late.  Whilst you can never rule out a courier issue or an unforeseen act of nature, your order will be delivered on time. 

Never under and we’ll never charge over’s. 

·         The quantity ordered will the quantity received and invoiced

·         If there are over’s, we will give you the option of taking them at half price. 

No origination charges and studio services to help if you need them. 

·         No origination charges based on you supplying high res artwork we can work with.

·         No further artwork charges based on minor changes being made to original artwork proofs.

·         Good visuals get good orders – talk to us about providing visuals to help win orders. 

Storage, picking and fulfillment. 

·         Storage and call off service for multi point campaigns throughout the year

·         Shared inventory

·         Collation at point of manufacture 

·         Co-packing of external products as part of the campaign


1982 – Dorset-based Thermopacks designed and developed the first heat pack, produced on a commercial scale. 

1990s – The promotional market for Thermopacks continues to build, processing orders for heat packs and cold packs for customers across Europe.  Competition from imitation manufacturers from the Far East increases, but customers remain loyal to high quality Thermopacks products.  

2000s – The Thermopacks brand continues to grow in the UK, Europe and worldwide, developing a wide range of bespoke heat pack and cold pack designs for global customers as well as developing the liquid filled range of promotional and point of sales products.

2011 – Thermopacks is acquired by Nunet, another Dorset-based manufacturing business, with a long history of producing top quality products for customers across the world.  All Thermopacks staff remain with the company and products continue to be made on site

2012 – Thermopacks showcases its extensive product range at PSI Dusseldorf, opening new markets and opportunities

2013 – All Thermopacks therapy products are now CE marked, meaning they can be used for treatment purposes, as well as meeting national and international supply chain requirements

2013 – Thermopacks launches a new e-commerce website – offering the opportunity to buy a wide range of therapy products, heat packs and cold packs direct  

2015 - Thermopacks extends the range of available products to include desktop, point of sale and conference items 

CE Marking

Thermopacks manufacture therapy hot and cold compress products; CE marked and registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for class 1 use.  This means the products are compliant with EU legislation and enables Thermopacks to meet national and international supply chain requirements.

The CE mark is clearly visible on packaging of all Thermopacks products designed for a therapy use, making it easy for customers, distributors or retailers to see the mark and understand its meaning. For all therapy product enquiries, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Distribution and Contract Manufacturing

Thermopacks heat packs, cold packs and liquid filled products can be easily branded and sized for specific retail or promotional purposes.  This means if a retailer or distributor has specific requirements (size, design, details), these can be easily accommodated across a wide range of products.

With all products manufactured at the UK factory, Thermopacks offers short lead times, a personal service and no minimum order requirements - the team will work with you to meet your needs and those of your customers

The CE mark on all therapy products enables Thermopacks to meet national and international supply chain requirements, alongside offering a direct supply of therapy and health products to retail or distribution customers.

As a member of PSI, Thermopacks fully recognise and support the Promotional Distributor. Promotional products are only sold through professional distributors. If you are interested in becoming a Thermopacks distributor, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .