heat packs & hand warmers

the ones you click.

Thermopacks is the original heat pack company. We manufacture heat packs for physical therapy clinics and medical supply sectors. We create branded hand warmers for outdoor events, and work with retailers, predominantly in-house gift shops at activity centres and public attractions.

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Thermopacks: home

Manufacturing in Dorset, UK

Your orders are made here. We’ve been designing, creating and manufacturing cold packs, heat packs and specialist welded products for over 35 years. Raw materials come in, and your bespoke order goes out.

Let’s work together on getting the most from your brand. Our creatives will ensure that your manufactured products are on point -vibrant colours, clear messages, and brand reinforcement every time the product is used.

New product idea? No problem. We have collaborated with countless companies and individuals, developing ideas all the way through to market.

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