about us

our offer

What we do and who for:

  • Make custom-printed cold packs and heat packs for brand-savvy therapists, clinics and practitioners.
  • Design and manufacture branded hand warmers for retailers, outdoor events, charities and merchandisers.
  • Work with medical companies, manufacturing bespoke, high- frequency, welded vinyl products.

our history

Thermopacks have been manufacturing cold packs, heat packs and bespoke welded products since the early 1980s. The brand was born when a local entrepreneur invented the hand warmer, having worked out how to create and contain an endothermic reaction within a vinyl bag, using only salt and water. Production began and has remained in Dorset to this day.

Heat packs for therapy and hand warmers for outdoors events provided Thermopacks with a solid base of customers. The company moved quickly to develop a range of cooling gels and added cold packs to their offering. The ability to `liquid fill’ also meant that an increasing number of bespoke products began to be developed and made for companies within health and medical supplies sectors.

In 2011, Thermopacks was purchased by Nunet Ltd, whose experience with bespoke high-frequency welding and printing further strengthened the factories skill set and confidence. From life-saving heat pack vests to cooling transportation systems, waterproof military medical kit bags to heated hair bands – Thermopacks have said yes’ to many projects that received a no’ elsewhere.

our ethos

You choose. 

You have found a bespoke manufacturer. You’ll receive a personal, customer-focused approach to the development of your product; focusing on design, functionality and look.

We will help and make suggestions if needed and are experts at optimising the creative potential of your brand. If the product is something new, then expect the spirit of collaboration.

Every choice made will be confirmed back to you, with accompanying visuals.. We will make your order here, and keep you informed as it moves through the shop floor.

our people

Thermopacks is led by brothers Morgan and Corin Leadbitter. Morgan is the MD and Corin heads up operations. Both are husbands, Dads, and keen rugby players, with MD Morgan’s background, before manufacturing, being in sports therapy and personal training. Their passion for sports, fitness and wellness brings them into regular contact with the very same people the Thermopacks product range helps. Hand warmers for cold touch lines, eye-masks for the lady’s beauty treatments and bruise soothers for fallen, often wailing, children.

Heading up production is football-obsessed, Steve Phillips. Steve has been with Thermopacks for over 30 years and possesses the technical know-how and problem-solving skills that have made a success of countless bespoke projects. A huge Manchester United fan, Steve sights his four years as a youth football coach as all the experience required to know exactly where and why lesser Premiership teams are going wrong.