Cold packs are used for a number of purposes; as food and drink chillers, or a means of keeping medication or beauty treatments at a stable temperature before and during use. Thermopacks® cold packs are completely safe, portable and reusable as well as having the ability to remain flexible even when taken from the freezer. Each pack contains a non-toxic solution (blue or clear as standard) that is freeze resistant, enabling a product that can sit comfortably in and around its immediate environment.

Thermopacks manufacture promotional cold packs offering a large printing area. Screen and digital print process is applied to realise any brand and design. You can use our distributor locator tool or get in touch with us to be directed to your nearest Thermopacks® promotional distributor.

Cold packs intended to be supplied for therapeutic purposes must be CE marked. Thermopacks are certified to manufacture CE marked cold packs and are happy to work with you to ensure products are fully compliant. 

Product Size: Standard 110mm x 80mm / Medium 150mm x 100mm / Large 210mm x 130mm

Product Weight: Standard 95gms / Medium 160gms / Large 285gms

Standard Rectangle Cold Packs: 100 units per carton (43cm x 30cm x 12cm) weighing 11kg per carton

Medium Rectangle Cold Packs: 50 units per carton (43cm x 30cm x 12cm) weighing 9KG per carton

Large Rectangle Cold Packs: 30 units per carton (43cm x 30cm x 12cm) weighing 8kg per carton

Coming soon.