Thermopacks are able to utilise a specialist skill set and draw upon a huge amount of experience to offer our customers bespoke solutions for all manner of promotional and point of sale requirements. Our ability to manufacture custom made, branded liquid filled products at volume, enables us to work alongside top creative agencies who are tasked with taking a design idea and turning it into a tangible product.

We welcome opportunities to get our creative manufacturing teeth into custom made & liquid filled; be it a point of sale item or display piece, an aqua twist on a promotional product or a presentation solution that needs a "Wow" factor.

Our team here have completed numerous projects which result in unique looking solutions to new designs that are simply turned down elsewhere. Far from being `yes’ men, yet willing to meet a clients expectations as closely as we can, Thermopacks® offer a British manufactured product which is open to development and customer involvement from the moment the enquiry / design / pencil sketch hits our desk.