Thermopacks liquid filled business cards and invites are manufactured from our factory here in Dorset, UK. These custom-made business cards certainly have the 'X' factor, especially when placed alongside the more traditional paper based counterparts. We use clear and coloured non mixing liquids which not only look fantastic but will also have customers handling, poking and squashing – people love to play!

All of the features you would expect from a business card are there; a good size print area of 85 x 55mm which can be screened spot colours or digitally printed full colour to one or both sides. Liquids can be clear or coloured or a combination of colours. We'll work with you to get the colours right, making sure that the final product corresponds with your corporate colour scheme or logo.

Product Size: 85mm x 65mm

Product Weight: 10gms

Liquid filled business cards are packed 1000 units per carton (43cm x 30cm x 12cm) weighing 11kg per carton

Coming soon.