With so many different promotional key fobs out there, our liquid filled key-fobs offer something different. We manufacture using medical grade phthalate free PVC and use baby oil and food dyes to create the liquid. The resulting products are completely safe and non toxic. The liquids are non-mixing which enables clear and coloured liquids to move around each other.

Liquid filled key fobs can be further enhanced by adding inserts allowing a floating message to be part of the product.

Thermopacks® manufacture custom printed promotional liquid filled key fobs. Use the distributor locator tool or get in touch to be directed towards your nearest recognised Thermopacks promotional distributor.

Product Size: Rectangle 70mm x 50mm / Half Circle Shape 50m x 50mm

Product Weight: 8gms

Liquid filled key fobs are packed 500 units per carton (43cm x 30cm x 12cm) weighing 5kg per carton

Coming soon.