CE manufacturing

Our production facility manufactures bespoke cold and hot compression packs for therapeutic and symptom alleviating use. CE marked therapy lines conform to all class 1 medical (non-sterile, non-measuring) directives. Products are used mainly for post-injection and procedure inflammation control, soft tissue injury management and pre-treatment mobilisation.

All therapy products are supported with a master technical file – ensuring adherence to approved specification, manufacturing and quality process, including standard operating procedures managing deviation and risk assessment. All products are tested to relevant EN standards.

Materials and additives used in the production of CE marked therapy products each have their own safety and compliance documentation, accompanying due-diligence safety reports on the products themselves.

  • Phthalate-free vinyl
  • Di-ionised water
  • Food grade thickener and Monopropylene glycol
  • Pharmaceutical grade sodium acetate

We manufacture a fully compliant product with the highest level of detailed works order and labelling documentation. CE marked products will be labelled and packaged with conforming consumer information:

  • Product name and code
  • Batch number and date of manufacture
  • Full user instructions and disposal instructions
  • Consumer feedback and support contact information
  • Appropriate safety information

high frequency welding

Made in Dorset, UK.

Underpinning our product range is the base manufacturing processes of high-frequency welding. Over the last 35 years, we’ve attained a high level of expertise in welding flexible synthetic polymers, mainly polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and (PU) polyethylene. Our comprehensive range of machinery is coupled with the best of British engineered tooling – enabling both a wide range of standard products and the willingness and know-how to bring bespoke products to market.

High Frequency (HF) or Radio Frequency (RF) welding is the process of fusing materials together by applying radio frequency. It’s an efficient and clean manufacturing process used for products within many market sectors. We combine HF welding with an ability to liquid fill – adding gels, liquids and solutions to produce cold packs, heat packs and specialist medical bags.

Over the last six years, we’ve added to our manufacturing skills set.

Tube weldingSecurely welding plastic tubing within vinyl bags and wallets
Platen & Die-CuttingCutting a range of plastics, papers and display boards to size and shape
Hot Air WeldingUsing 560˚ to flash weld two opposing surfaces before applying pressure to bond

product development

Thermopacks is a bespoke manufacturer, highly experienced in taking new products from concept to the tangible. We work with companies and individuals, looking to realise a completely new idea or to improve on something existing. As markets change, we have increasingly found ourselves become the UK solution to a product historically sourced overseas.

Meet / Brief

The first phase of any successful project is making sure we get things right from the start by thoroughly understanding your requirements. We will meet – be it by Zoom, or in person – and outline the deliverables and scope of your desired product including functionality, aesthetics, timing, and budget. Together, we will evaluate the effectiveness of a design, anticipate pinch points, and agree on timelines.

Early Samples

We find sending samples early in the process to be very beneficial. Samples provide reference points for materials, design considerations and the branding processes that could be applied.

We can then extend on from those early examples by way of CAD samples and bar welding. Here, the intended function and dimensions can be confirmed and assessed. With the right early samples in their hands, our customers can see what is possible and start to build a clearer picture of how their product will look and feel.

Drawings & Artwork Proofs

Now the main points of the product have been covered, we will start to work on 2-D designs and flat drawings. This stage is often the most collaborative, as together, we create product templates and apply creative design to them. We will consider form & functionality amongst many things and take into consideration your brand and how best to interpret it onto the product. Together, we will outline and confirm scale, colour and branding as the design brief starts to come to life.

Pre-Production Samples

Once designs are approved, and new tooling arrives, we will make pre-production samples. These present an opportunity to tweak the product and creative design, ensuring the first production run yields perfect results.


Cold Packs

Cold Packs

Heat Packs

Heat Packs