therapy cold packs

therapy cold packs

We manufacture branded gel cold packs for physical therapy and aesthetic clinics, sports clubs and exercise professionals. Our customers combine their logos and branding with all the therapeutic function of CE gel cold packs; providing their clients with fantastic looking and effective products.

Why have your gel cold packs made rather than buy off the shelf?

• ContinuityExtend your brand into the product
• CostRanging from £1 – £3 depending on quantity and design
• ComplianceManufactured in the UK with full CE certification
• ControlOne friendly company from enquiry through to delivery

Key features and Benefits


400mic Phthalate free vinylAble to be stored in domestic fridge or freezer
Pharmaceutical Monopropylene GlycolPacks remain flexible at all times
Food grade thickener100% non-toxic cooling gel
Eurocert Food DyeVibrant, safe and consistent gel colours

Branding & Personalisation

White, clear, black and navy blue material optionsChoose the best material option for your brand
Clear or primary colour standard gelContrast or match logo colours with gel options
Colour match gels (orders of 250+ units)Use a brand specific colour of gel
Screen-print or digital print processSingle and full-colour reproduction of logos
Blind embossingEmboss logos into material for a premium look


Low minimum order quantitiesFrom 100 units on all products
Efficient lead times2-3 week lead time on all orders up to 5000 units
Full order confirmationWritten confirmation confirming order details
Artwork designWe’ll work with you to create the product design
PDF artwork proofsProduction starts once artwork is approved
Terms30 day credit available after initial order

How long do gel packs stay cold?

As a general rule, our gel cold packs stay cold for approx 10-15 minutes. How long they stay cold is influenced by a few factors. The cold packs are kept in either the fridge or freezer. Our gel cold packs will remain flexible, but take on the temperature of its surroundings. Cold packs taken from the freezer will be colder than those taken from the fridge and stay colder for longer. Once being used, the ambient temperature of the surroundings will influence the length of time the cold packs remain cold. If being used outside on a warm day, expect them to lose cold temperature more quickly than if being used inside. 

What is in a cold pack gel?

The main ingredient of the gel in our cold packs is water. We then add a thickener – the same type of component that’s added to toothpaste or energy gels. The last feature is Monopropylene Glycol, which because of its low freezing point, stops the packs from becoming frozen solid when stored in minus temperatures. This same additive is used in food and flavourings, shampoos and hair gels. 

Are gel packs better than ice?

Reusable gel packs are more convenient than ice. Stored in the fridge or the freezer makes it easy to grab and use immediately, whereas, with ice, you often have to fashion a makeshift pack to hold the ice in, either from cling-film or a tea towel. Our gel packs remain flexible and have a large surface area, meaning you can cold compress a larger size and bend the cold pack to the contours of the body area being treated.

How do you use cold gel packs?

Firstly, use as directed by your practitioner. 

Very simply, take the cold pack from the fridge or freezer and apply to the intended area. The risk of cold burn is minimal and taken from the refrigerator, non-existent. However – best practice (especially if taken from the freezer) is to put a barrier between your skin and the cold pack. A sheet of kitchen roll or a tea towel is perfectly adequate.   

Cold therapy is best used little and often. We recommend that you apply our cold packs approx. every 2-3 hours, for about 10 minutes each time. “When you’re numb – you’re done!” Keeping that phrase in mind will help make sure you do not overdo it.

Thermopacks have bespoke bruise soothers and gel eye masks within the range.

therapy cold packs
therapy cold packs
therapy cold packs
therapy cold packs
therapy cold packs
therapy cold packs


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