gel eye-masks

gel eye-masks

Manage inflation and bruising after treatments or add tone and brightness to the surrounding skin. We manufacture branded, bead-free gel eye masks for clinics and their clients: convenient cold compression to help soothe and de-puff tired eyes.

Your brand is essential, and we use a combination of processes to ensure your eye masks reflect your business. By using either a screen or digital print process, virtually any logo and colour can be reproduced. You’re able to preference the gel colour and decide between a choice of frosted-clear or white material.

Manufactured here in Dorset, our gel eye masks are made from Phthalate-free and recyclable vinyl, filled with food-grade, 100% non-toxic cooling gel. We only make to order, meaning your eye masks are CE manufactured with order specific batch number and user information.

Key features and Benefits


400mic Phthalate free vinylStore in domestic refrigerator only
Pharmaceutical Monopropylene GlycolPacks remain flexible at all times
Food grade thickener100% non-toxic cooling gel
Eurocert Food DyeVibrant, safe and consistent gel colours

Branding & Personalisation

White or frosted clear material optionsChoose the best material option for your brand
Gels in clear or primary colour standard gelContrast or match logo colours with gel options
Colour match gels (orders of 250 units +)Use a brand-specific colour of gel
Screen-print or digital print processSingle and full-colour reproduction of logos


Low minimum order quantitiesFrom 100 units on all products
Efficient lead times2-3 week lead time on all orders up to 5000 units
Full order confirmationWritten confirmation confirming order details
Artwork designWe’ll work with you to create the product design
PDF artwork proofsProduction starts once artwork is approved
Terms30 day credit available after initial order

What are gel eye masks good for?

Gel eye masks are good for slowing down blood circulation around the eye and lower forehead area. That process can help with a number of things; but here are some of the most common.

If you’ve had a beauty treatment such as hair removal or injections, the eye mask will act as a cold pack and help with inflammation. Puffy and tired eyes can also be soothed by using a gel eye mask; the cold compress adding tightness and brightness to the surrounding skin.

While not effective for everyone, many people use sooting gel eye masks as a treatment for headaches and migraines. The cold compress of gentle pressure, with other measures such as lying down in a dark room, can bring relief. 

Do gel eye masks work for dark Circles?

Yes, they do. Our cooling gel eye masks are known to reduce puffiness, dark circles around the eyes, and any inflammation caused by dust or hayfever symptoms. Cold gel eye masks help by contracting the blood vessels in the skin under the eyes, which reduces the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

Do you freeze gel eye masks?

No, don’t freeze and put on frozen cold eye masks. The skin around the eyes is sensitive – and putting freezing temperatures onto naked skin can cause burns. You’ll be able to get all the soothing benefits of gel eye masks by keeping them in the fridge.

How long do you leave a gel eye mask on?

If in doubt, ask your practitioner. We would recommend no longer than 15 minutes and waiting for 45 minutes – an hour before using it again. Don’t worry; as long as you keep and use your eye mask from the fridge, and NOT the freezer, you can do yourself no harm.

Thermopacks also manufacture cold packs and bruise soothers. You can see more of the cold pack range here.

gel eye-masks
gel eye-masks
gel eye-masks
gel eye-masks
gel eye-masks


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