In 1982, a local Dorset man ingeniously figured out how to fill and seal and empty vinyl pouch with suspended sodium acetate solution. In doing so, the promotional hand warmer was born. Intended first for military purposes, the product was soon realised to be an out and out winner in terms of a promotional incentive - a product that carries a message, is functional and can be used over and over again. Since those early days, Thermopacks have manufactured millions of custom printed hand warmers.

made in Dorset - made to order - screen or digitally printed - user instructions printed on reverse - fully compliant 

Thermopacks remain the only UK manufacturer of branded hand warmers and proudly make our product from scratch in our Dorset factory. Often copied but never bettered, the use of raw materials and printing of flat sheets are the reasons why we can offer you and your customers such a superior hand warmer with the most customised options. We have the widest range of shapes, the most amount of available print process and the ability to colour the solution to customer preference. What’s more, we can hold personalised hand warmers in stock and distribute in accordance to customer requirements, and of course the ups and downs of British temperatures.

You really are dealing with the founder and home of hand warmers, as well as the best of British.