Promotional Hand Warmers - made in our Dorset, UK factory.  Our hand warmers are made to order, which means complete control over how they look and how many you have.  We print onto flat sheets of material and make into product, rather than pad printing a logo on top of something already made.  That ability enables larger print areas, with screen spot colour print as well as full colour print on offer.  

The choice doesn't stop there.  Promotional hand warmers can be made using frosted clear vinyl or with one side being solid white. The solution is able to be coloured on larger (1000 units +) production runs.

The vinyl we use is 100% REACH complaint and Phthalate free. The solution is completely safe, using di-ionised water and pharmaceutical grade Sodium Acetate.

The magic heat?

No secrets! Our hand warmer heat simply boils down to basic chemistry using salt. We heat up (pharmaceutical grade) Sodium Acetate in purified water. That heat lies dormant in the pack up until the activator disc is snapped causing the tiniest of sparks – which in turn causes the salt crystals to come back together releasing all the lovely warm energy. 100% safe, non-toxic and harmless.

How hot and how long?

On activation, hand warmers heat to 53* degrees centigrade and stay warm for 30 minutes or more depending on the surrounding temperature.


Product Size: 95mm x 65mm or 105mm x 75mm (no extra cost!)

Product Weight: 70gr

Packed 125 units per carton (43cm x 30cm x 12cm) weighing 9kg per carton

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