Strictly (mathematically) speaking this may be an inaccurate name, but what a lovely sound none the less. A Squircle is somewhere in between a square and a circle and provides a totally different shape for people to hold.

Squircle promotional hand warmers have a fun shape and large branding area. Your hand warmers can be printed single through to full colour process and only 100% Phthalate free vinyl is used. Solution is clear as standard but on orders of 1000 + you can choose the colour.

The magic heat?

It is no secret that it simply comes down to some basic chemistry using salt. We heat up (pharmaceutical grade) Sodium Acetate in purified water. That heat lies dormant in the pack up until the activator disc is snapped causing the tiniest of sparks – which in turn causes the salt crystals to come back together releasing all the lovely warm energy. 100% safe, non-toxic and harmless.

How hot and how long?

On activation, hand warmers heat to 53* degrees centigrade and stay warm for 30 minutes or more depending on the surrounding temperature.

Product Size: 95mm x 100mm

Product Weight: 95gr

Packed 100 per carton | 43cm x 30cm x 12cm | 12kg